About Us


In 1999 Matt and Patti Williams started West Coast Sports Recruiting (now- wannaplaycollegesports.com). This business came about on a fluke. It started because of their football playing cousin in Alaska. Their cousin James shattered the prep record for most receptions and yardage by an Alaskan Prep. When the Williams’ found out he wasn’t being recruited, they offered to help him get “discovered” by some local colleges.  Patti created a sports resume that focused on James athletic and academic accomplishments.  Matt gathered game footage to create a highlight tape for college coaches. Matt drove the tape and resume to Universities within a 3-hour radius of Sacramento. He actually met and sat down with the recruiting coordinators from Stanford, Nevada, Fresno St., UC Davis and St. Mary’s to view the highlight tape. Four out of the six university’s visited (including Stanford) said that if they had known about James they would have recruited him.

That’s when the light bulb went off. Matt and Patti realized that if an All-Stater as a WR, DB and Punt Returner didn’t get recruited, how many other All-State, All-City, All-League players were being overlooked?

They found out that hundreds, possibly thousands are overlooked for sports scholarship opportunities.


Matt and Patti feel their history and experience sets them apart from any other Recruiting Agency. Wannaplaycollegesports in now the fourth longest active national sports recruiting agency in the United States.

Patti started her sales and marketing career in College. She was one of the first college students that Apple computers hired to market their “new innovative computers”. She took her marketing degree from Cal Poly Pomona and was immediately hired as a sales rep for Kellogg Cereal. She went on to become the west coast manager for Muir Glen organic foods.

Today Patti is co-owner of www.wannaplayccollegesports.com. The only woman owner of any such venture.

Matt’s background compliments Patti’s. He has worked as a news and sports reporter since his college days at Cal State Los Angeles. He has worked for several NBC affiliates covering major stories such as Hurricane Hugo ripping through the Carolinas; Ku Klux Klan rallies in the South; Pro Golf and Tennis events, and interviewed many famous personalities including Senator Strom Thurmond, Roman Gabriel, Andre Agassi, OJ Simpson, Lou Rawls, Ric Flair, The Steiner Brothers, Rick Monday and Tony Gwynn.  Much of Matt’s time included reporting on many High School, College, and Professional Sports for television and radio.


Our company philosophy is to help each High School athlete pursue his or her dreams through the attainment of a college sports scholarship. We will do whatever it takes to get these athletes scholarship offers from Division 1, Division 2, Division 3, or NAIA colleges and universities.

Start as early as possible.  Many college and university programs are already looking at (and offering) scholarships to 8th graders! Don’t worry Juniors and Seniors, there are still many opportunities available for you too.


Our success rate is perfect. 100% of our High School athletes have received at least one scholarship offer. Most athletes receive multiple offers. What does this mean for you – the high school athlete? It means we will open the door to many possibilities. You might receive an offer from the state of New York, Kansas or California. We concentrate on your choice of regions throughout the United States, but keep our eyes open to other scholarship opportunities presented to us.

Can we guarantee scholarships? Unfortunately, the NCAA doesn’t allow us. Using the term “guarantee” would categorize us as agents.  “Agents” are illegal in high school recruiting making it possible for the athlete to lose their college eligibility.  However, with our current success rate, we remain confident that a scholarship is available to all those who qualify.

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