“Just wanted say we appreciate your service and advising…it has worked out exactly as you described when we first spoke in Aug 2012 when Andy was a junior: He has received numerous letters of interest / opportunity from D2 and D3 colleges around the country.”

Mary Brower

“Matt – Just wanted to let you know that my son, Nick, signed a letter of intent with Benedictine College. We had a great site visit a couple of weeks ago and Nick felt very comfortable with the staff. They are offering $17500 per year for academic and athletic scholarships for up to 9 semesters.

Thanks for your help with this process.”

Sarah DeAlba

“Matt’s system works! He took our son from having no scholarship offers to having multiple Division 1 offers and many, many, lower division offers. He is now on a full ride scholarship to Weber State University. It has opened the windows of opportunity and the sky is now the limit.”

B. Goody (Idaho)

“My son had one walk on opportunity in football. We hired wannaplaycollegesports.com and we had all the biggest and best schools calling. What an exciting time! My son ended up signing a full ride in the Pac 10.”

S. Pirtz (Idaho)

“This was a huge financial investment for us. But we wanted to do everything we could for our son. Our investment ended up being nothing compared to the $125,000 full ride (football player over 4 years) that was offered by the University of Colorado. And to think we almost didn’t sign up with you. Thank you very much for staying in constant contact with us and holding our hands throughout the process. You will be highly recommended!

C. Sherman (California)

“Thank you… for the information regarding your sports resumes. I know there are a lot of great athletes in the West that are often overlooked by eastern schools and we are looking forward to receiving your updates on student-athletes in the future.”

David Zinn
Former Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach
Sports Information Director
Salem International University

“She was awesome and the people here really liked her a ton. Thanks so much for getting us in touch. I hope to keep working with you.”

Kelly Sullivan
Former Head Men’s & Women’s Track Coach
Willamette University

“She can come in and dominate right now. She is the missing piece to the puzzle. I will talk to you about any one of your recruits.”

Brian Demasters
Head Softball Coach
Queens College of the City University of New York

“We have never given so much (scholarship) money to a freshman. I can’t wait to have him on our field.”

Myron Schultz
Head Football Coach
University of Mary

“Thank you for letting me in your house to look at all of your football recruits. Matt, any player you have I want to know about.”

Scott Edwards
Defensive Coordinator
Northern University

“Hey, you got my grandson a golf scholarship. I think that’s great. I will recommend you to anyone.”

N. Potter (California)

“My daughter loves it in New York; I can’t thank you enough for calling.”

A. Cuquet (California)

“Thank you very much. I can’t believe I get to play soccer and live at the beach.”

K. Close (California)

“I went from no (recruiting) letters to a ton of coaches calling me every night. It’s getting confusing to keep track of all the coaches and colleges.”

B Lewis (California)

“It’s nice to have choices (17 softball scholarship offers).”

K. Dixon (California)

“You made my dream come true. I can’t wait until basketball starts.”

P. Klof (Oregon)

“It’s not a full ride (lacrosse) but $28,500 out of $30,000 isn’t so bad. : ) I was skeptical at first but everything you said came true. This was the best decision we have ever made.”

T. Garrett (Idaho)

I just wanted to give you a quick update Matt. We have hit the magical number of 100 recruiting letters. It’s been a lot of fun for the girls (freshman and 7th grade volleyball players) to log on and check out these colleges. We are staying with the plan and doing everything you are telling us to do. We are almost done with the videos. I am so lucky I sent you the email.

S. Tait (Michigan)

athletes to watch